Who I Am

Where to start? I guess I will just keep it short-ish and sweet. I'm a 30-something woman living in Knoxville, TN. I've spent the last decade learning as much as I could and working professionally as a photographer, graphic designer and web developer. I feel incredibly fortunate that my passions can also be my career. Here are some other things about me:

  • I'm a USMC veteran.
  • I have lived in Illinois, Missouri, North/South Carolina, California, Florida and Tennessee.
  • I'm an activist and advocate, focusing mainly on issues like sexual assault and mental health, disability & lgbtq+ rights.
  • I'm the organizer of knoxFIND, a support group in Knoxville where women can get involved in the community, learn about our history and make real connections with other women in the area.
  • I'm the organizer of Disorderly Days, a project/group that provides a safe space where people who have chronic mental or physical illnesses can feel comfortable sharing their stories, struggles, triumphs and questions.
  • I'm a dog person. Cats are great but they try to kill me with their evil dander. *cough* *sneeze* *sniff*